Fashion Designer – Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra needs no introduction. His areas of creativity and genius span the broad spheres of Bollywood design,  styling , pret, diffusion and the everlasting bridal and couture, Manish is a pioneer in the field of  fashion  in the country today. For the first time ever Lux and Manish Malhotra are coming together at the forthcoming Lakme Fashion Week, taking its brand promise of ‘play with beauty’ forward’. Manish Malhotra will be seen presenting a couture show especially for Lux.

Attitude, Attractiveness, Beauty, Looks, Sensuality, Lusciousness etc are all different traits of every woman and that’s what Lux is all about. Manish Malhotra will no doubt play with these very attributes in his show for Lux! Peaches, Strawberry, Ivory, Pinks are the flavor of the season.

Manish Malhotra Introduces Lux

For the first time, Lux participated in the Lakme Fashion Week in association with Manish Malhotra – Bollywood’s favourite designer as was prominent with the array of stars which lit up the show!

From Padmalaxmi, Deepika Padukone, Kitu Gidwani, Kajol, and Urmila Matondkar to the fashionably late entrants Saif and Kareena, the front row was a sight to see!

For this gala spectacular Manish created a temptress who is confident and with her edgy sensuality arouses temptation. Feminine colors of pinks, peaches, skin, corals, oyster and ivory with touches of gold and silver were the direct translations of two new variants of Lux soap, strawberry and cream and peaches and cream.

Sensuous cuts and body hugging silhouettes combined with a very chic nude feel to the garments were ironically combined with very wild and untamed hairstyles to depict a girl who is ready to go!

glamorous divas, the epitome of eternal style were the imaginary muses for his collection, woman who effortlessly mesmerize with her aura and charm.

The embodiment of this being Kareena Kapoor walking into the show looking spectacular in a peach dress from this collection.

Fabrics? Lycra all the way!

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Top 4 Tips to Choosing Petite Fashion

Petite fashion is designed specifically with women who are 5’4″ or under in mind. Therefore, proportions of petite clothing are tailored to fit the petite frame best. Petite women who have tried shopping in regular departmental stores often find that they return home empty handed – nothing fits well enough. It is often frustrating not finding something that fits. This is often caused by not looking in the right department. Therefore, this article explores the top 4 ways to get the best results for the petite lady.

Knowing where to look

First  tip  on petite  fashion  is simply – knowing where to look. Departmental stores nowadays have gradually started to establish a petite section. Therefore, be sure to keep an eye for this section when shopping for new clothes. Online stores are also great places to shop for petite fashion, especially fashion from the Asia region. This is because clothes from Asia region are usually tailored to fit the petite frame. They are also as stylish and fashionable too.

Dressing to your advantage

Petite women can also look taller by dressing to their advantage. Clothes that make you look taller are good options to consider when purchasing new clothing. Vertical stripes make a good choice because it enhances the illusion of an elongated frame. The same goes for color-matched sets, they tend to give an illusion of continuity, hence making you look taller. Also, heels are a vital part of a petite lady’s wardrobe as it instantly adds height to you.

Walking tall and keeping a good posture

Surprisingly, having the right clothing is only winning half the battle. You will find that walking with confidence and keeping a good posture actually helps you to appear taller too. The positive vibe does get through to others and you will be sure that this does contribute to the illusion of being taller.


Accessories play an important part in completing your look. A medium length necklace helps to elongate your frame. It is therefore quite flattering for a petite frame. However, necklaces that are too long may actually do quite the opposite. It is also a matter of trying it out and deciding if you look good with it on.

Petite women deserve to get top  fashion  and dress beautifully and following these  tips  will certainly get you there. Happy shopping and do enjoy choosing your petite fashion.

Saree Tips For Women

Fashion is an essential part of everyday life for women worldwide. While being stylish has never been an integral part of an Indian woman’s life, that trend has been changing fast in the last few years. Nothing shows your style and fashion sense in India better than a saree.

Here are some essential fashion tips when it comes to sarees for women in India to look beautiful yet stylish:

  • Consider your body frame before opting for traditional Indian sarees.

In case you are slightly plump with some excess fat around the sides then it is best that you avoid sleeveless cuts. Choosing dark colors over lighter shades is a good idea. If you must opt for a lighter shade then choose shades something in a dull or dirty blue shade, over the typical sky blue.

Small and vertical line prints tend to give women with a wider frame an overall slimmer look. Indian women with a heavy built should most definitely avoid cotton and kota sarees, and instead go for chiffon and georgette sarees.

For those of you who have a medium built, beige and fawn are some of the best colors that you could work with. Given these colors, georgette and satin are good choices for fabric. When looking for blouses it is better to opt for nets, especially since they are very effective for improving the appearance of your body frame. Sleeveless, deep cuts and strapped blouses are some other advised options.

  • Wear shades that look good on your skin tone.

Women in India who have a fair complexion should go for different shades of gold and copper. Those with a dusky or wheatish tone can go in for a mixture of shades including white, beige, bronze and gold. Those of you who have a comparatively darker complexion will look really good in golden and copper colors and shades.

  • Self-confidence is essential to carry off everything from sarees to jeans.

You could have in your possession the latest style from the best Indian designer, but that in no ways means that it will look good on you. Everything from an all out western attire to a more traditional lehenga can be sported and shown off without a flinch provided you wear it with confidence.

Shy or introverted Indian women are better off choosing a saree with a boat-neck or square-necked blouse. If you are the extroverted kinds you should pick up sleeveless, deep-necked, with or without straps.

Women’s Clothing Fashion Tips For Tall Women

If you’re a taller than average woman it can sometimes be a frustrating experience when you are trying to find the styles of clothing that suit your body structure. When you are looking for women’s clothing it shouldn’t be a guessing game or a gamble. You will end up wasting a lot of money on clothes that don’t suit your height or figure. You should know exactly the kind of women’s clothing that suits your body structure and what kind of clothing to stay away from. Below are some helpful tips for taller women so they can fill their wardrobes with the proper types of women’s clothing.

Tall women should avoid wearing Women’s clothing that have bright and wild prints. Wear a different coloured top than what you wear below. Wearing two different colours above and below will help break up your height. Stick to outfits that have both light and dark colours. As much as possible, stay away from monochromatic women’s clothing. Tall women look attractive and appealing with wide belts because it makes their torso appear shorter. A wide belt can be the perfect accessory to a simple a-line dress, a skirt, or even trousers. Belts help define the waist on a tall figured woman so she doesn’t seem like one big endless mass. When searching for the right pair of trousers look for those which have cuffs on the bottom. Cuffs at the bottom of your pants will help make you appear shorter than you actually are.

Wear dresses and skirts that end at your shins. Do not bother with dresses that end at your ankles because they will accentuate your height. Other ideal clothing that end below the knee are capris. Shin skirts and dresses and capris are the types of clothing that will reduce the elongated look of your body. Whatever womens clothing you decide to wear make sure they are neither too loose nor too fitted. Your tops should be longer than what you wear below. By wearing a long top and something short below you make you give the impression that you are shorter. Wearing low heeled shoes such as ballet flats will avoid adding height to your already tall frame.

Tall women should use large accessories to match their Womens clothing. If you are wearing earrings select long dangly earrings instead of studs. In this case bigger is better. The same rule applies for purses and hand bags. It looks very odd and disproportionate when a tall woman carries a small purse. You don’t want to look like a giant carrying Barbie sized accessories. A tall woman should carry large hand bags in solid colours. By following these tips you will be able to find the right kind of womens clothing for you. A smart shopper has an idea of what clothes to look for before they start shopping. Whatever your figure or frame you should always know what types of womens clothing suit your figure so you can highlight the best qualities of your body.

Wearing Leather Skirts – Great Fashion Tips

If you want to get noticed, no matter where you are, wearing leather skirts can definitely help. A woman is going to turn heads when she walks into a room with a leather skirt. If you wear it right, it can look extremely sexy. To help you wear these skirts correctly, here are a few great fashion tips to help.

Tip #1 – Consider Different Styles

There are a variety of different styles out there. There are options that have zippers, short skirts, micro mini skirts, long skirts with big slits, and more. With all the different options, consider one that looks good on you.

Tip #2 – Keep Other Clothing Tight

Because of the way a leather skirt hugs your body, you should keep other clothing tight when you are wearing these skirts, especially if you are wearing shorter skirts. The leather will hug the curves of your body. It’s important that you balance this out by showing off the curves you have on the top of the body, which is where a tight piece of clothing, like a tight sweater is a great option.

Tip #3 – Wear Longer Skirts to Work

You’ll find that wearing longer skirts to work can be a great idea, especially if you add panty hose to the outfit. Just make sure that you don’t wear a skirt that is too tight to work. However, you should never wear a super short leather mini on the job.

Tip #4 – Order Larger

Although no woman wants to go with a larger size, if you are going to wear leather skirts, the right fit is so important. It’s probably a good idea to go with a size that is larger when you order a skirt made of leather, since these garments are smaller than their size in many cases.

Winter Fashion Tips For Women – How To Look Pretty And Still Dress Warm

What exactly are winter fashion tips for women and how can those tips help you to dress warm and stylish? For most people winter is no season to wear skirts, shorts and dresses from the summer. There are some tips that will help you to look cute, stylish and still dress warm.

Tip 1) Leggings And Tights

Do you believe it´s impossible to wear leggings and tights in winter because you are sick and tired of freezing all day long? When it gets really cold in December – February you can still were “ladies” that will help you to cover your skin optimally. If it gets really cold you can throw up a pair of really thick tights to make sure you won´t freeze. After you did that, you can put ladies on top of them. Believe it or not, but the double protection will almost assure that you will feel like having a “heating” next to your legs. There is no reason to freeze if you can use these winter fashion tips now.

What kind of colors should you choose for leggings and tights? You should most absolutely go with black. Black is the most natural color and looks great to any outfit. People will not believe how you can wear a skirt in a winter season and still feel warm. They probably don´t know that you wear thick tights and “ladies” to make sure you don´t freeze.

Tip 2) Knee High Socks And Legwarmers

High socks and Legwarmers have a similar task like tights have. When it comes to choosing knee high socks make sure to choose black ones. If you would decide to choose strives or other colorful socks you will have to match your other clothes according to them. Winter fashion tips for 2011 concentrate on dressing you with style and making sure that you will feel warm as well. Legwarmers are clothes that are specially created and designed for winter. Again, you want to choose black and don´t go with other colors because it might be difficult for you to dress smoothly. High socks and legwarmers don´t only look good but they also make you appear cute and attractive.

As you can see, you have many choices for dressing casually and still feel great during the colder season. These are just a few winter fashion tips to help you dress in a way it is most appropriate for your well being and look.

Plus Size Fashion Tips For Teenagers

Just because you are a plus-sized teen doesn’t mean you can’t be a fashion queen! Check out some of these style tips:

Don’t Hide Under Baggy Clothes

The biggest fashion mistake that plus-sized teens make is hiding themselves under layers of over sized, baggy clothing. The intention is to conceal their extra pounds by covering themselves up. Unfortunately, wearing baggy clothes only makes you look bigger, and it hides the shape and figure that you do have. A baggy, long shirt will mask your waistline and make your body look much wider than it actually is. Plus girls actually need a more tailored, well fitting wardrobe than their smaller counterparts! Get clothes in your size, or one size larger if you like a slightly loose fit – but no more than one size above your actual size. Remember, your curves are beautiful!

Accentuate the Positive

Being a teenager is all about being fashion forward. Develop a personal style, and always accentuate your favorite attributes. For example, if you’ve got great calves, don’t be afraid to wear a skirt that is cut above the knee to show them off. Just because you’re not a size four doesn’t mean you can’t wear stylish outfits. A beautiful, voluptuous shape is entirely worth showcasing!

Be Colorful

You’ve probably heard that black is slimming, and while this can be true, why would you want to look like you are going to a funeral every day of you life? Come out of mourning, and add some splashes of vibrant color to your life. Not only will you look better, but you will feel better. Bright colors can actually lift your spirits. Also, when you wear black, you blend into the background of things and when you wear color, you stand out – and yes, that is what you want! If vibrant colors just aren’t you, consider deep jewel tones, like teal, burgundy and plum. While it is advisable to avoid horizontal stripes if you’re trying to look more slender, you shouldn’t shy away from patterns.


Fashion isn’t just about clothes. It’s also about the accessories, as every fashionista knows. Plus girls can pull off bold, stylish looks with ease! You should coordinate your outfit with your shoes, jewelry, and handbag. Your hair and makeup are also integral to your style. So many plus-sized teenaged girls simply ignore their appearance because they feel that if they’re not skinny, there’s no use in trying. This could not be further from the truth! Take care of yourself and nurture your appearance. An ample booty doesn’t mean you can’t also have the hottest hairstyle. Look through celebrity hair style magazines, and ask your hairdresser to replicate the style for you – be sure to bring along the picture. Also, make sure that you ask your hairdresser to walk you through the techniques that he or she used to create the style – so that you can do it yourself at home.

Plus-sized young women can be fashion mavens! It’s all about accentuating the positive and developing your own personal style.

Rocking the Rain – Tips on Women’s Fashion For Rainy Days

Who says you can’t have fun and look good in the rain? You certainly can! Just like how summer gives us a chance to wear cute shorts and skirts, rainy days give us a one-of-a-kind fashion opportunity to look great in galoshes and windbreakers. Need women’s  fashion   tips  for rainy days? Check these tips out.

I love rainy days. It reminds me of jumping into puddles and playing with my friends in the rain. As an adult, rainy days have become a sort of an excuse for me to dress up. After all, when’s a better time to look bright and pretty than on a gray day? How to look like a ray of sunshine on the gloomiest day? Here are some women’s  fashion   tips :

1. Rain Coats, Slickers and Windbreakers

Who says grown-ups have to wear dull-colored rain coats? Though perhaps we should stay away from neons and bright pinks, it doesn’t mean that we have to settle for blacks and grays. Choose a red slicker or one deep purple. Lilac is also a great color for a fun-loving woman.

2. Galoshes

Rubber boots are probably one of the best things I love most about the rain. There are a lot of stores now that offer galoshes for stylish ladies. There are pairs with classic black and white checkered designs and even paisleys. You’ll surely find a style that suits you.

3. Umbrellas

Finally, umbrellas can be a good fashion statement too. Get a black and white one for an elegant touch or a transparent one for a harajuku feel.

Warning: When it comes to women’s fashion for rainy days, just have fun!

Men’s Fashion – 5 Tips For Camouflaging and Not One Involves Fatigues

Hey guys, do you look in the mirror, wish you looked hip, and cool without looking like you stepped out of a music video or Saturday Night Fever? If you think you need some help, then you probably do. If you don’t think you need help, then you definitely do! So, read on for some great dressing guidelines from me. Dressing men is one of my favorite things, because just a few tips can make a big difference for you. Of course, I do love menswear and helping men look and feel their best. Moreover, because I have dressed many men on television and in private life. I know just what is needed.

First, it does not matter what shape you are. You can have a body like Brad Pitt or Sponge Bob, and still look great, IF you know what to wear.

Second, buy what fits you regardless of the size on the tag. All designers cut clothes differently. For example, Hugo Boss tends to cut narrow. Some of his labels, especially in small sizes, run very tight and narrow and would barely fit your baby brother. You may need to size up to get the right fit.

Third, if you have to disguise some extra pounds or gain a few pounds because the only six pack you own is in your frig, then read on for some more dressing tips.

Broaden your chest:

  • Lighter colors and interesting details around shoulders in clothing will make you appear broader
  • Avoid clothes fitting too tight unless you are going for the scrawny, rock star look
  • Horizontal stripes will be your friend, and make you look wider, verticals will only make you look narrow
  • Heavier, textured fabrics and knits will give you needed upper body bulk
  • Slightly wider lapels on jackets (now don’t get crazy on me and do a total 70’s flashback)
  • Layering shirts is another trick that will add dimension to your chest

Take my belly…please!

  • Vertical stripes will give you a long lean look
  • Dark and muted colors are best to camouflage, along with lightweight, soft, matte fabrics. Never shiny Boogie Nights specials
  • Shirts too baggy will only make you look bigger. Skim the body, Baby!
  • Wear your pants at your waist guys! Under the belly will make you look heavier. Trust me on this one!
  • Opt for suits that are dark, pinstripes will be amazing
  • Try a 1 or 2 button jacket to give you a sleek silhouette
  • Monochromatic dressing will always make you look like you lost 10 lbs

Do not forget to look at the rear view:

If you have a full-size butt:

  • Pants need to be a bit looser (I am not talking clown styles here), relaxed, easy fit. Flat fronts will work but make sure they are not so tight that the front pockets stick out, go up a size if needed
  • Waistline of pant should not be too high. Otherwise, your butt will look even bigger. Think elephant!
  • Keep pants dark and sleek. Pants with a lot of whistles and bells will add attention to hip area

If you have a pancake butt:

  • Back pocket details such as flaps add heft
  • Baggy pants still not good here, makes your butt look flatter
  • Jackets and long shirt tails that hit below the hip are best for camouflage

Check your neck:

  • Thin necks need a wide spread dress shirt collar to give width
  • Thick necks should stick to a regular point collars and open neck styles look awesome
  • V necks will make your neck look thinner, crew neck will emphasize thickness
  • Turtlenecks on long necks only, makes short necks look thicker and well… like a turtle

Arms and the man

  • Great arms, flaunt them with short sleeves and tapered shirts
  • Skinny arms need more fabric around them to look fuller, layers again, will be your friend, along with sweaters
  • Thin arms look better in long sleeved shirts with sleeves rolled, rather then short sleeves. Gives your arms bulk
  • Big biceps need full cut shirts, and sometimes custom shirts are best to get a perfect fit

So there, you have my tips for emphasizing the positive and eliminating the negative. Hey guys, I do not think I have worked with anyone who has not looked significantly better with these few adjustments.

My fourth  tip  is to find a fabulous tailor to achieve great  style  and terrific fitting clothes (this may take time to find the “one” but it is well worth the effort!).

And my fifth and final tip is to know your skin color and best colors and use them to your advantage. Darker colors really do diminish your not -so -hot spots and light colors highlight your hot ones. Beyond darks and lights, there are cool and warm colors, mixing patterns, etc. but those pointers are for future articles, so stay tuned.

‘Love Story’ Movie – Fashion Style

This must surely be one of my most favourite, movie fashion inspirations. It certainly had tons of style in every shot of Ali MacGraw, without being unduly influenced by fashion. When the weather is cold outside and with a roaring fire indoors, I always think of this movie. The 1970 classic ‘Love Story’ movie, inspires the kind of perfect love one can only dream about. With the radiance of American Ivy League as a backdrop, the classic white, stone-washed buildings and bright sun against knee-deep snows, it all seems to reflect Ali’s beauty.

Her enviable wardrobe provided inspiration for fashion designers in future years. Her clothing evokes the classic ‘preppy’ style and today is accessible to everyone. Playing a poor scholarship student, Jenny Cavaleri, Ali became a style icon that made that American style, famous and trendy. Classic designers like Michael Kors and Calvin Klein certainly took lots of inspiration from the movie for their subsequent collections.

Ali constantly wore amazing coats with classic masculine lines, like the fantastic camel coloured, cashmere coat, that wrapped around her sporty figure so well. There was also the deep blue, pea coat with the shiny buttons, teamed with lovely turtlenecks peeping from beneath. The masterful colour arrangements of her outfits contributed a lot to the success of this unforgettable style. The beige with black and red check skirt, worn as she moved in and out of the school building, flowed alongside her fast wit and humorous banter with Ryan O’Neal.

I think the constant appearance of short skirts was intentional, since the movie was made in the 1970s, therefore just at the end of the 60s ‘mini mania’. It certainly fitted her independent free spirit and brilliant, sparkling personality. For her wedding, she wore the same check mini skirt, intimating so much personal casual chic. It tells me that clothes don’t have to be serious, but love is. Her fantastic accessory collection is also a reminder for us that it is so important not to forget matching hats, or even what a whimsical fur hat will do for an outfit.

I can see them both in his convertible, top down, driving towards her new in-laws’ vast estate. She is wearing her classic camel coat and black tights, ready to grace the old dark, wood-panelled rooms of the huge mansion. As she reveals her beautiful, lipstick-red silk dress, it makes me want to go out and get a dress just like it and grow my hair to have a side parting. Although maybe we cannot star in a film, at least we can all style ourselves classic and pretty.