Fashion Tips – Five Tips on How to Dress Well on a Budget

Every season, fashion designers launch new trends and collection. You may be confused about the changing fashion that can create a big hole in your budget. For this reason, you should plan well about your budget.

Do you need a wardrobe makeover? Here are some  fashion   tips  and strategies on how to dress well on a budget that will give you an inspiration.

Fashion magazine strategy

You can order a women’s fashion magazine or surf the internet. Browsing the  fashion  trends and selecting the most fitted  style  for you. Don’t linger about those shops that selling beautiful dresses which not fit you well. Just find a few styles that you like very much and then study them. At the same time, you should consider whether these clothes suit your outfits that you’ve already have. If not, just give it up no matter how beautiful they are.

Analyzing your wardrobe collection

In order to dress well on a budget, you’d better clear about your existing collections. It helps you make wise decisions. You can decide what types of clothes you should buy according to the existing clothes. From this you would get a clear picture of what is being needed in your wardrobe.

Shopping at overstock stores

You should come to realize that the number you want may have been sold out or there are not so many available sizes as they wear sold new. However, that is not always the case. And the cheap price for stylish and quality clothing can make up for that. Most of the time, you can acquire the beautiful and fashionable clothes at a relatively low price.

Add different accessories to the same outfit

Different accessories, such as brooch, silk scarf, necklace, bracelet or hairpin, can change the way you look. Selecting the right accessories help you get a fresh and fashionable look. Make sure the color of the accessories compliments your attire and skin color.

Apply for a membership’s card

You can find a reliable clothing shop whose styles fit you well and apply for a membership card so as to save money. Because many retailers provide a discount to customers as they pay for their goods, especially the more you buy, the cheaper price they will offer. So just join your favorite shop’s mailing list to take advantage of “insider” price.

Therefore, dressing well doesn’t have to spend a lot of money. Always keep the budget in mind and act wise when you are shopping for new outfit. If you know these tips you will save much money but still dressing well. I hope these tips could help you.

Fashion Tips: Women’s Dresses

It is fair to say that the majority of women love fashion and wearing beautiful clothing. It is probably equally fair to say, that only a minority of women choose to wear dresses as part of their clothing. There are many reasons for this, but mostly it is due to a lack in confidence in their ability to carry-off a casual and natural air when wearing dresses.

However, there is nothing more simple, or easy, to wear than a casual dress. Here, we will offer some advice on the types of dresses available today, in the hope that by understanding a little, a lot of confidence can be gained and that perhaps a few more women will experiment with their clothing and begin to wear dresses with poise and self-assurance. If just one woman changes her mind, and decides to experiment with dresses, then this article has done its job correctly.

There are various styles of dress, which can be separated into different categories depending on their cut. There are many styles of dress, from the casual dress that can be worn every day, to the formal dress that is generally worn only on special occasions. In this latter category is the gown, made famous through various fairytales, such as Cinderella and Rapunzel – and many girls spend their childhoods dreaming of the opportunity when they can finally wear a gown themselves.

In adulthood, there are many opportunities for wearing such a dress, most notable are the end-of-school Dinner Dance, graduation ceremonies, and most of all, weddings. The gown style dress is arguably the most feminine style of dress, flattering the figure in a manner that is attractive, and yet, not too revealing. Although they are not ‘sexy’ in the sense that a little black dress may be, they are supremely alluring nonetheless.

Beyond the gown, there are various styles of casual dress, such as the mini-dress, the sheath dress, the shift dress, the sweater dress…so much so, in fact, that women are spoilt for choice. And given the incredible range of dresses that can be found, there is certain to be a cut/style to suit even the most ardent of dress-protesters! Dresses can make a statement to the world about the type of person you are, saying ‘I am confident, chic, and sure of who I am’ – no other item of clothing can boast quite that reputation, with the exception, perhaps, of the stiletto heel.

Different countries have different traditions when it comes to wearing dresses, and indeed, even in the UK, until the Women’s Movement of the 1960s, it was practically unheard of for women to wear trousers!

Winter 2010 Fashion Tips

Winter is the time to focus on clothing with sophistication yet comfortable, textured fabrics are the hottest trend this winter. We all know that texture is an ideal way to create a sophisticated fashion statement.

So here are some things that you might want to consider in buying your clothes:

1. What are the latest trends in fashion?

This winter edgy black leather, fabulous faux fur, sophisticated textured fabrics like gorgeous velvet, timeless tweeds, luxurious knits and textured wools are the hottest. Chunky knits and over the knee boots are also a must have. With winter coming perhaps it’s time to update your wardrobe so let’s make sure that the streets will be filled with fashionable men and women with fabulous winter style. Military style is getting more and more popular with women all over the world.

2. Choose the color of your wardrobe

You don’t want to spend one hundred or one thousand dollars for a wardrobe that will last for one season, consider the color choices carefully. Black has always been popular in this season most of the designers add or used one outfit in black. Also grey follows black, or metallic grey that adds spark and makes the clothes more interesting if combined with other colors. But if you don’t want to attract too much attention you may choose pastel colors as they will still make you look elegant. Red is most commonly used by designers as it comes in a diversity of tones. But if you want to stand out, “orange” is your color. It is a vivid and looks interesting. Just choose the color that best suits your taste and you’ll be as fashionable and trendy as ever!

3. Cost per wear

Don’t forget to spend wisely. When it comes to your wardrobe you always wanted to look fashionable, yet some are budget conscious. Look for a clothes that you can transform or mix and match for the next season. Invest in clothes that you can wear for a years rather than buying an inexpensive wardrobe which in the end, you will replace it annually. Invest in a pair of boots that are trendy and stylish yet comfortable that will take you in the distance “Literally”. While In choosing your coat it’s better to get a high quality one that you can use through for years.

Well, those are some things that may help you in choosing your fashionable winter clothes, choose the color that suits your taste, consider your budget, know what’s the latest in fashion and then you could add some accessories. then all set you can walk head up the streets. All these tips will make your winter look more stylish and trendy.

Everyday Style and Sizing Tips For Women’s Fashion

Women come in all shapes and sizes. Each one has their own challenges when it comes to what to finding what to wear. The good news is whatever type of body you have, there are some tips to look for to help your particular body type look its best.

Some standard classifications

  • Misses: 00-18, often running 2-14 and varies greatly with each manufacturer
  • Petite: generally 5’4″ and under
  • Plus: on average, size 14w-24w and over
  • Tall: generally 5’9″ and over

Not too long ago US standard clothing sizes were based off data from the 1940-1950s which created a universal sizing standard across the clothing industry. Around the 1980’s, clothing companies started veering towards sizing that would be more appealing to consumers and started adopting the US catalog sizes which are nearly 6 sizes larger. A size 12 in the 40s would be today’s 6. This change of course has left North America’s sizing for apparel a lot of room for inconsistency.

source: Wikipedia US_standard_clothing_size#Conversion_from_catalog_sizes

Helpful things to remember for sizes

Petites: Petites have three important measurements to know for their pant sizing; inseam, waist and length. Petites sizes are often assumed to just be shorter legs when in fact it’s the whole package of other measurements that need to be accounted for. For example, thinner belts and smaller accessories work well for petites.

Talls: A person who is 5’9″ won’t always mean they are going to wear a tall size. Someone may get their height by being longer waisted and feel better in a tall’s shirt and have shorter legs and still fit most misses pants. It’s important to note the inseam and when possible check the inseam for the product you are interested in. I’m 5’9″ and fluctuate between tall’s and misses on a regular basis. Nothing is worse than floods when they are not capris!

Plus: Plus sizes will want to make sure they are buying clothes that fit the shape rather than try to hide it. Too often people wear baggy clothes which gives the illusion of larger. Plus sizes your measurements and size accordingly.

Balancing it all out

Bottom heavy (pear):

  • dark on the bottom is more slimming, a lighter top will draw the eye upwards
  • create a long line by using a uniform color for the top and bottom
  • make sure fitted jackets end above your widest part
  • invest in a flattering pair of low waisted jeans with a little stretch. Avoid too much glam on the pockets. Keep the cut to straight leg without pleats.
  • wear clothes that are cut to fit your shape vs. fabrics that drape or cling to it
  • draw the eye to your top with accessories, an attractive neckline or other embellishments
  • look for empire waisted dresses to help draw a longer looking line
  • swimsuits with a normal to high cut leg, a skirted bottom. Stick to darks on the bottom, light on top to help fool the eye.
  • stripes down the sides of athletic shorts and pants give a flattering illusion of length
  • thin strapped or strapless tops work great at drawing attention away from larger bottoms

General rule: Draw the eye to the top half. Two great ways to do this are to draw the eye upwards with brighter/lighter colors on top, darker on the bottom. Another great way is to create a sense of length with a monochromatic uniform color throughout the outfit.

Top heavy (apple):

  • pick clothes that tastefully show off your cleavage
  • go for a top that fits correctly (not too tight, not too baggy), it should drape without clinging
  • draw attention away from the middle by wearing accessories like necklaces and scarves
  • wear just above the knee length skirts that balance out your top not taper at the knee
  • tank tops that drape can work well to bring attention to your arms and shoulders
  • blouses that wrap can be very attractive

General rule: Look for clothes that bring the eye to your good features (bust, arms and legs). Use fashion, colors, embellishments to bring the eye where you want it.

Create the classic wardrobe you can use year after year The following pieces and colors are common for the different seasons and should not ever go out of style. The beauty of having these pieces is they always look stylish and they can be the base for you to work around when adding trend pieces to your wardrobe. It is very important to find the right classic piece for your body type, not all white shirts are created equal but they are essential.

A quick note about trends. Colors and styles come and go, year to year. The benefits of having classic pieces in your wardrobe is you can have these as your base and still enjoy picking out the very favorite trend pieces, without having to reinvent your wardrobe every season.

The following pieces should each meet the following criteria (fit you extremely well, be high quality (no pilling/frayed seams), be your best colors (no wearing wine if you look best in dark blues). It’s an investment, but one that will last you season after season. Fall/Winter Pieces

  • white long-sleeve button shirt
  • nicely tailored jacket
  • cashmere sweater
  • woven dress pants
  • nicely crafted tote
  • tall leather boots (approx 1 1/2″ heel)
  • set of pearl earrings (and necklace if you wear necklaces)
  • solid knee length dinner dress that best fits your body type

Fall/Winter Colors

  • brown
  • midnight blue
  • charcoal
  • ivory
  • evergreen

Get trendy with accessories and supplemental pieces to your wardrobe. If a bright green is the trendy color for the season introduce it with a fabulous blouse that’s patterned with it. Just be prepared that next year’s Fall season, the blouse will potentially appear dated.

Tips: Invest in quality. These items will easily become favorites and can last year after year. The last thing you want is to have to worry about pilling fabrics, seams that split, buttons falling off. Make sure you’re getting cuts of clothes that fit you best. Give thought to how these pieces will work together (color, style). They should essentially all work together as a mix and match wardrobe you can use together or introduce new pieces to.

How to measure

Get a measuring tape, some pencil and a paper to take notes. Unclothed or with your undergarments on, take a snug measurement of your bust, waist, hips.

  • Waist: measure your narrowest part of your waist
  • Bust: measure your largest part of your bust
  • Hips: measure your widest part of your hips (i.e. butt)

These are very generalized measurements for average clothing and can most always be used to find clothing online with a good fit.

Determining your bra size is as easy as x, y, z.

  1. X: Wrap the tape measure snugly around the rib cage just under the bust. Be sure it is positioned correctly and even with the ground. Note the measurement while breathing normally. Measurements less than or equal to 33 add 5 inches. Measurements greater than 33 add 3 inches. Take the result up to the nearest even number. This result is x.
  2. Y: Measure the bust around the fullest part. This result is y.
  3. Z: Subtract x from y (y – x = z). z is the result used to determine your cup size (see chart below).
  • AA – 0″-1/2″
  • A – 1/2″-1″
  • B – 2″
  • C – 3″
  • D – 4″
  • DD/E – 5″

Check the sizing for the bra you’re interested in and use the two results gotten for a near exact match.

Finding the perfect bra. Besides fit, you’ll want to consider how the bra is going to look under your clothing. It sounds simple, but just looking around you can see fashion faux pas all around. Things to consider are seams and lace showing through, too dark a bra showing under light clothing, bra strap falling off the shoulder and slipping out your shirt down your arm, bra straps showing because they don’t fit under your tops. If you fear the headlight syndrome, you’ll want to consider getting a padded or t-shirt type bra to avoid any uncontrolled attention.

Fitting the right underwear. My theory is buy a dozen when you find a pair that fits. Issues generally come up when they fit too tight and seams show through clothing or they fit too loose and ride up or are worn too high with low waisted pants.

Amazing undergarment secrets. A great alternative to consider is the thong which has an amazing number of styles. For dresses and skirts you can also get a super smooth look by wearing form shaping garments. There are a lot of stylish undergarments that help achieve the look you’re after: bigger bust, tighter butt, smaller thighs, narrower waist. These products can achieve amazing results and should definitely be considered to achieve the look you want.

How to find your size

You’ll first want to know your measurements, then check with the manufacturers site to see how they are sizing their clothes. Note: many stores have additional sizing info for the actual item you are shopping for. Find the item in the store and look for sizing info on that item’s page. If there isn’t any, you can then check the store’s sizing information. There is often also specific care information for the item you’re looking at that you will want to consider as well.

Remember to not assume that one size in the same brand fits the same. Quite often the measurements will change from line to line. A good example of this is a jean in brand name x’s line may come in slim, relaxed, wide, straight leg all fitting very different in the same size.


  • Brand: manufacturers label or name for the garment
  • Size: garments measurements (s,m,l,xl,0,2,4,etc), when you see 10t (t is tall), 10p (p is petite)
  • Line: a series or particular style of garment used under a single manufacturers brand
  • Polyblend: a fabric with some form of polyester in it
  • Manufacturer: maker of the garment

Tips for everyone regardless of body type

  • Find a designer you like, especially a particular cut that you know works for you. Many designers make that perfect size 6 across their brand or style.
  • Take a look around you, see what others are wearing, look for similar body types and consider what’s working for them (or not).
  • Consider the fabrics and whether they are going to shrink and what kind of care you are prepared to give them. If you are going to wash everything in warm and toss it into the dryer, you might want to consider buying on the larger size. Cotton can shrink 1/4 to 3/4″. A poly blend will help prevent shrinkage.
  • Take into account where you’re purchasing the products from. For example, if you wear a size 10 shoe but don’t just assume the XL flip flop found in the shops in Mexico is going to fit (same goes for all !).
  • Pick colors that are most flattering to you and your skin tone.
  • Buy some jeans with some stretch.
  • Avoid pants that taper at the ankle. This is a huge fashion faux pas for every body type.

Great news! Regardless of your fit there are a lot of quality retailers specializing in it these days. If you’re having a hard time finding a certain style in your size, you can always consider getting a seamstress or a tailor to help you get that perfect fit.

2011 Fashion Tips (For Men)

Fashion can often be a confusing thing. Items can be hot one minute and not the next, so what should the savvy man be wearing? We’ve put together a little guide to give you the lowdown. Striped sweaters are very popular right not as they’re both slimming and attractive. We love the sweaters that come in block colors and have the occasional sliver of horizontal piping across them, but you can choose anything from lots of thin stripes to a few thick stripes.

An absolute must for men who hate ironing is the broadcloth shirt. These are essentially long-sleeved dress shirts but with a bit of added rumple for that ‘just got out of bed look’. But don’t worry – you won’t look like you’ve dressed in a hurry as they’re also really well cut so you can be sure of looking stylish and put-together, not mismatched and hurried. Choose from a range of colors to find one that looks gorgeous on you. Crisp white is also a really good look.

Another really trendy men’s clothing item right now is the belted jacket. You have loads of choice here, which is great, as it means you’re not just limited to one style. You could choose a belted leather trench, a long wool coat with a belt or a shorted belted jacket that will not only help to secure your coat around you but add an interesting style feature to your garment. Dark colors work really well here, so stick to black, grey or dark blue for a sophisticated look.

If you’re not convinced by the belted option, then considered the black jean or denim jacket. This is really hot right now and it provides a great alternative to regular dark or stonewashed denim. It’ll even look fantastic with your jeans, so you don’t have to worry about clashing shades of denim anymore. You can also pick a jacket that best suits your shape as it’s available as both fitted and looser options. The dyed black denim puts a great twist on the original trend.

The last entry on our list of hot items in men’s clothing is the plaid flannel shirt, which we think looks awesome when teamed with the black jean jacket as discussed above. Particularly great is the fact that flannel is breathable enough to be warm any time but will also keep you warm in the winter. You’re not just limited to one color with the plaid, either, as it now comes in a range of shades, making this eternally popular shirt an even more attractive prospect.

Easy and Valuable Fashion Tips for Women

There are several women who struggle hard to look fashionable and stylish throughout the year. Keeping pace with the changing times, even those who consider themselves to be fashionable find it difficult to stay fashionable all the times. Here are a few essential tips that you should follow to adopt the fashion trends of the relevant industry.

Highlight strength of your body

You should look out for style that helps you to accentuate the strength of your body and that allows you to hide its weakness at the same time. For instance, women who have slim figures should wear clothes such as one piece dress, V neck dresses that are perfect to highlight their thin waistlines. Women who have tall figures should not wear stripes that make them look ugly and unattractive.

Go for quality items

When you buy clothes or jewelries, it is vital that you should check if they are of high quality. It is important that you should two or three high quality fashion items and you should not choose low quality fashion items in bulk. It is wrong to think that high quality one would be quite expensive for you. Your objective is to buy one from a popular brand that perfectly suits your personality and that helps to accentuate the strength of your body to a great extent.

Develop an exclusive look

The next step is to look out for clothing designs as well as clothing styles that help you to look beautiful and that allow you to feel comfortable to a great extent. If you are able to find one it is advisable that you should buy at least two or three such items at one time. For example, if you find a wonderful pair of trousers that perfectly accentuate your glamour attributes, then you must try to buy two or three pairs of trousers in different colors.

Experiment with new items

When you stick to what seems to work best for you, it is equally vital that you should try out new things. It does not mean that you have to abandon all the things that you have worn so far. The best tip is to buy pre-worn clothes that are still in good condition. In this way you can save your money and at the same you have the opportunity to try out new fashion items.

Follow a simple style

If you are in doubt, it is advisable that you should wear basic jewelries such as earrings, bangles and necklace and you should follow a classic style. To adopt this classic style you should wear a black dress and red colored stilettos.

Go for appropriate outfits

You can wear tailored outfits that perfectly fit your body type. Wearing customized clothes is your first initiative of discarding your dull appearance and moving towards adopting a fashionable look and appearance.

Save your money

You do not have to purchase costly fashion items in order to look fashionable. Even less expensive clothes, jewelries etc. can be an ideal option for you, only when they are able to display your best features of your body.

Fashion Tips to Develop Your Signature Style

Every woman wants to feel confident, beautiful and stay up-to-date. But not everyone knows the art of looking gorgeous. Selecting something that looks great on you and shows your signature style really matters a lot. To look smart, super-chic and stylish, you need to be more creative. In order to reach your style potential and make your signature style, you should follow the below mentioned style tips.

Find Your Own Fashion Style

Most women wear clothes that do not flatter their body type. Everyone has a unique figure and not all clothes look fit on all body types. It is very important to know what style and clothes will look best on you. For instance, women having a pear shape body i.e. small waist and bigger hips, are not advised to wear pencil skirts as they will greatly enhance their hips and thighs. However, those women might opt for an A-line skirt that will draw attention to their small waist and take the attention off their chubby hips and thighs.

Invest in Versatile Wardrobe Staples

Do a serious evaluation of your current style and determine how you can accomplish with your own signature style. To look trendier, you need to be more creative and incorporate current styles and trends into your wardrobe. Keep in mind that overdoing it will break your whole look. Invest in classic styles that will last for a few good years. Some versatile attire such as button-down shirts, polo shirts, jeans, skirts, jackets, vests and boots are a smart investment that can be updated with current styles and trends. These classic staples will enhance the longevity of your wardrobe and make it more functional and workable.

Enhance Your Style with Accessories

One of the best ways to improve your signature style is to accessorize. Clutches, belts, earrings, shoes, necklaces, bracelets, rings and sunglasses play a main part in completing an outfit. A stylish pair of shoes can make an everyday outfit extra special. Similarly, a statement necklace can transform a simple skirt and blouse dress to a stunning outfit. Therefore, it is highly recommended to invest in things such as leather belt, strand of pearls, earrings and more that will last longer and improve your overall look. Don’t be afraid to choose timeless accessories that take your outfit to the next level of style.

Whatever you wear just make sure you are comfortable in the outfit and it perfectly suits your personality and style. Using your signature style will certainly draw attention to your best features. So, stay stylish, stay confident!

Tips on Adapting Bohemian Clothing and Fashion Style

To the uninitiated, it can be easy to commit a lot of mistakes when it comes to adapting bohemian clothing fashion. But there are unique set of guidelines when it comes to boho fashion, which its meaning have often been construed in the popular media. But still, the popularity of this particular fashion style is undeniable, specially with lots of celebrities adapting it as well.

To get an idea of what your choices should be, read on below.

Contrary to popular belief, bohemian clothing is not made up of baggy clothing. Instead, you need clothing articles that fits properly. The most common trend in the bohemian style include tie dye tops and skirts.

And speaking of tie dye, appealing colors is another distinct feature of bohemian clothing. You can wear Capri pants and pair it with a top that is made out of appealing colors. You can also wear a Boho gown paired with a heavy sequin. Or better yet, you can wear a maxi skirt to showcase your fun and bubbly personality.

The choice of jewelry is another feature in your bohemian clothing ensemble that could often make or break the entire look. Recommended choice of jewelries and accessories include handcrafted jewels made out of beads, stones, and semi precious gems.

For the women, a bohemian purse is another style element that could make a lot of statement. It can be made out of either silk or cotton and you can tag it along even during formal events. Thus, there is no need to abandon your bohemian style wherever you may be.

And finally, your choice of footwear is the final tier in your effort to adapt bohemian clothing style. The most distinct feature with boho footwear is that of comfort. Hence, color choices are often intended to promote relaxing mood, such as brown, olive green, and tan. As for the design, there are a lot of stylish ones to choose from – you can go for boots, gladiator sandals, suede, and so much more.

When it comes to bohemian clothing, it is all about putting all the bits and pieces that make up the whole and showcase your true boho personality.

Mens Fashion Tips: The Art of Creating Permanent Fashion Styles for Men

Many men and women do not have much idea about Mens Fashion. Very often the advice I have been approached on are what men can wear to appear professional or what men should wear so that they do not look outdated but overtly trendy.

I would greatly suggest understanding the basics of men’s  fashion  and put this knowledge into a permanent mens  fashion   style . There would not be anymore worry about following trends but perpetually looking stylish.

The basics of fashion for men boil down to knowing what each piece of apparel is made up of. The fabrics used determine a lot on the quality of the apparel. Good fabrics allow the apparel to withstand wear and tear.

If any men’s clothing or accessories that wear out fast would naturally make it look old and badly cared. This does not reflect well of the men wearing it and easily put most men out of style just by looking shaggy.

The next important point we need to note are the details found in every apparel and accessories. Details can be subtle but it creates a very big impact in the eventual outlook of the styling.

So before we start playing with details, the knowledge of each detail’s responsibility and how it helps in holding up the item or even gives significance to it in style can assist us in choosing the best men’s clothing.

Learning how to coordinate is another tough thing for many men. It does not need to be if they just understand about the various concepts of coordination. Starting from differentiating the type skin complexion they belong to would be the most basic knowledge to acquire.

Then they just need to put on the right color clothing against their complexion that perks up their facial skin tone and brings the attention to their face.

After that, coordinating colors between the various men’s clothing is another method. There are various ways to match different and similar or same hues as well as the shades of hues to achieve the nicest blend of colors.

If they are adventurous, then there are more that they can create that puts two very contrasting colors and yet a harmonious fusion of such colors without looking weird or clownish.

Putting patterns against each other is another challenging task in mens fashion. It is through the play of patterns that can make many men look very trendy and stylish.

If not properly done, those clashing patterns would be a very trying and poorly executed attempt. It boils down in knowing the types of patterns and their scale before choosing how to put them together.

Men can go for two to four similar or different patterns coordination without even looking overdoing the matching. It is fundamental to keep the flow of patterns as natural as possible and create a relaxing look from the combination.

It is good to have an idea of how to put all these mens clothing and accessories together. From there we can develop a permanent styling and never have to worry about the next trend or whether it is unprofessional. At least all aspects of men’s fashion have been touched on. Therefore, if you are daring enough it is always possible to transform it into fashionable styling.

Looking for Fashion Size Plus, 7 Super Style Tips For Fuller Figures

If you are looking for fashion size plus then you are not the only one. Hundreds of searches take place every day on-line to find trendy stylish clothes for women with a fuller figure.

Remember size 16 is now the most popular fashion size plus, therefore women with voluptuous figures want to dress to impress and buy clothes which make them feel good.

Listed here are tips make you look good when you have a fuller figure.

1. Buy your correct fashion size not the size you wish you were. You will look and feel much slimmer when you wear clothes which fit you properly. Wearing clothes which are shapeless and baggy will make you look bigger. Wearing clothes which are too tight will show case all your lumps and bumps.

2. Underwear counts, a bra that fits you across the back and in the cup size will make will look slimmer. 80% of women wear the wrong size and ill fitting bra. It is important to get measured every six months, wearing the correct size will lift and tuck, it is an instant breast job. You will also give your waist more definition.

3. Avoid stretchy fabrics they will cling to all the wrong places.

4. Posture, standing straight with your shoulders pulled back can add a couple of inches to your height.

5. Wearing the one colour tone will make you look slimmer, dark colours will give the impression of a slimmer you.

6. Keep up to date with the latest styles and trends, stuffy clothing are usually associated with age and larger ladies.

7. Add colour with shoes, belts, over sized handbags, scarves and jewelery.