Useful Tips for Men’s Fashion

Gone are the days when men do not care about how they look and grab the first shirt they see. Most guys now know the importance of looking sharp and making a good impression. It opens many opportunities at work, dating, and meeting new people. This is why they take their time to search the internet, magazines, and catalogue for styling options. They even ask their female friends for advice on men’s fashion.

Factors in Wearing the Right Outfit

In men’s fashion, most Australian designers consider the material of the apparel. The manufacturer makes sure the fabrics used for the apparel are of high quality. They know that good fabrics are durable. Most designers advise that men reject clothing that wear out quickly.

Another factor they should consider is the details in the apparel and accessory they wear. These can influence their over-all look. This is why it’s important for them to check the details before mixing and matching their clothes. Learning how to effectively colour coordinate is also a useful skill.

While most guys prefer dark coloured shirts, the ideal hues for spring and summer seasons are light pastel shades. White shirts, as always, never go out of style. Guys should make sure the colour flatters and brightens their skin tone. Their outfit should bring out their best features. Another challenge in men’s fashion is prints and patterns. When matched with the right tops or pants, prints can create a fresh look. This task, however, can be tricky so most guys prefer solid colours instead. Striped shirts and crew neck shirts are popular choices because they are comfortable and go well with denim jeans or shorts.

Good tips from Australian designers

Here are some useful tips from Australian designers for men’s fashion based on the event:

For a Special date:

Men should make an effort to dress up if they’re planning to take someone special to a pricey restaurant. They should wear collared shirts without the tie and matched with suit pants. They can try wearing a coat over their shirts. For accessories, they should wear a good watch. Watches are perfect accessories for men and matches with anything. For footwear, they can try brogues- this adds spice to their look.

If their date is more casual, they can wear knits paired with good denims. They can also go for plain shirts and khaki shorts. With the right accessories like a good watch and leather bracelets, they can pull of a well-put look. They can wear topsiders for their footwear.

For Work:

If they are employed in a corporate company, it follows that they should steer clear from sneakers, oversized t shirts and tacky accessories. They should stick to tailored suit pants, shirts and jackets. Plaid or striped shirts never go out of style. Men can also wear shirts with plain solid colours and spice up their look by wearing a nice belt.

Wearing the right clothes at work can make a good impression on employers and clients. It shows professionalism, expertise, and confidence.

For hanging out with friends:

Men can choose to wear collared t shirts, khaki shorts and strappy sandals or topsiders. They can wear plain shirts with solid colours such as blue, green, black or grey. V-neck t shirts and crew neck shirts are popular choices. The rule of the thumb is the more comfortable they are, the better.

Get Oprah’s Glam Style – 9 Fashion Tips For Plus Size Women

Five days per week from your flat screen TV and once per month on neighborhood newsstands, Oprah Winfrey appears perfectly styled from head to toe. Occasionally for Red Carpet appearances, and no matter what her size, Oprah herself is decked out from in perfect glamorous and form-flattering style. Want to transform Oprah’s glamorous look into a style you can wear for Ladies Night, Date Night, or Special Occasions?

Enter resident Oprah Show fashion expert Adam Glassman to your style rescue! Glassman is personally responsible for the executive decision to use real women within O magazine’s fashion spreads and maintains involvement in all aspects of O’s monthly cover shoots. Most recently, he has worked with fashion maven Sarah Jessica Parker on the debut of her new clothing line “Bitten.”

Here are 9 tips on how to work with (not against) plus sized curves:

* Dress for the size you are-not what you want to be or once were! Work with what you have! Own it.
* Dress from the inside out. A well-fitting bra and shapewear will camouflage all lumps and bumps.
* Clothes should skim your body, not cling to it! Think high-waist, wide trousers, and A-line or flared skirts.
* Don’t cover your curves! Big clothes on big bodies only make you look bigger.
* Skirts should end just before or under the kneecap. Your legs will look longer.
* Shorter, fitted jackets will also flatter your legs-and waist.
* Avoid elasticized waistbands. They might be comfortable, but they add bulk to your midsection.
* Keep necklines open. A deep V- or scoop neck lengthens your neck.
* A dress with a belt will cinch you in, focusing attention on your smaller waist.
* Wide feet need to be counterbalanced with wide heels. A thinner heel only draws attention to your wider foot.

These plus size style tips are great guidelines to follow. I’m gonna add a few suggestions to the list: DO try skirts that are designed to hit right at knee length, like the plus size pencil skirts. I’m also loving these secretary dresses made especially for plus size women. The built-in belt does wonders for creating the hourglass shape by accentuating the waistline!

Top Five Fashion Flight Tips – Travel in Style

If you’re beating the winter blues by jetting off to warmer climes or simply planning a weekend away in a foreign city, make sure you’re dressed for the occasion with these top five fashion travel tips.

  1. Buy a passport wallet. There’s no point making an effort with your outfit only to dig out a dog-eared, creased passport as soon as you get to customs. A passport wallet will give you an air of the well-travelled while a bright design will make your passport easier to find when rooting around in your bag in the queue. There are some great leather designs around to protect your passport, some of which also feature extra sleeves for your cards and travel documents.
  2. Don’t forget your umbrella! Most of Northern Europe is likely to be at risk of rain (or snow!) in January and February and even southern climes can experience changeable conditions. Fortunately, an umbrella can be an asset to your ensemble – try a strong, wooden-handled, walking-length umbrella with polka dots or lace for a timelessly sophisticated look.
  3. Take the right bag. There’s nothing more embarrassing than the inevitable argument with the check-in crew as you try to squeeze your enormous holdall (“It will fit, honest!”) into the measuring bins in the departure lounge. Most retailers provide measurements for their products and some ranges feature bags specially tailored to the standard dimensions for carry-on luggage.
  4. Use hotel shampoo. Not only will it save you precious luggage space, cheap shampoo can actually be good for your hair. Hotel shampoos often contain foaming agents which can dry out oily winter hair, leaving your locks with more body and shine.
  5. Go for flats. Unless you’re very accustomed to big heels, teetering round an airport on the first day of your holiday is more likely to bring you blisters than beauty. Flat or low-heeled ankle and calf-high boots are perfect for navigating Heathrow’s Terminal 5 and are versatile both for UK winter weather and a bit of early spring sun abroad.

So remember, protect your passport, clothes, hair and feet with stylish wallets, umbrellas, shampoo and shoes and protect your sanity with the right cabin bag! And wherever you decide to go, make sure to check out Just4Leather – to find fashionable, flight-friendly products so you can take your winter holiday in style!

Fashion Tips For Petite Women

There certainly is a lot of information that you will find on fashion. Much of that information, however, would have you fitting into a particular mold that might include a body image which doesn’t fit your style. This is especially true if you have small breasts and need to make sure that you are looking your best. To be certain, there are some things that can be done for those who have small breasts, even those who may need 34AA bra sizes or similar. Here are a few tips which can help you to make the most of the terms you have.

One of the most important things for you to consider when you have a small breast size is that you must wear a bra that fits you properly. Do not get too caught up in the sizes of the bra, if you need a 36AA bra, by all means, choose that size and wear it proudly. Choosing the right bra size can help you to avoid some of the problems that can occur if you purchase one that is either too large or too small. For example, you may have a problem with straps that are cutting into your back constantly or falling off of your shoulders. You may also have an issue with an underwire that tends to fit over top of the bottom of the breasts. In any case, choosing the proper bra size will make a difference in how you look.

Another suggestion that can help you to achieve more from what you have is to choose a bra that gives you a push-up look. You need to make sure that you stay balanced in this regard, as it can be easy to overcompensate by choosing a bra with too much padding. This will tend to look obvious, and it certainly would not look attractive. It is possible, however, to achieve a great look with one of these bras but don’t overdo it, it will look right in the long run.

The type of clothing that you wear is also going to make a difference in how you look as well. Wearing colors that are going to help to draw the attention away from that area is helpful. In addition, you might want to try wearing clothing with layers, frills or interesting patterns. There are arrays of clothing choices that are available for you which can make a difference in how you look in this regard.

One other option that you may want to consider is wearing clothing that fit you properly. Some people try to overcompensate for a small bra size by wearing clothing that is loose. When that happens, it can actually make you look smaller rather than having the effect that you want. Make sure that you are wearing clothing that fits you properly, choose some type of decoration which is situated in the location of your breasts and make sure that you use accessories which help to make the most of what you have. You would be surprised with what a few changes in your apparel can do for your overall look.

Basic Fashion Tips for Men

It’s fair to say, that in general, fashion is not something with which many men concern themselves. However, having said that, in recent years, men have become increasingly concerned about their appearance, and are slowly catching up with women in the style stakes. Nowadays, it is important for men to look their best; unfortunately, it is not always easy to know what looks good. Many men are unaware of the simple techniques that exist, which when implemented ensure that they always look great. Never fear, here we will discuss the basics of men’s fashions, once you understand these key requirements, you can move on to bigger and better things, but first things first!

When you purchase a pair of trouser, make sure that they hang on your waist. Do not wear your trousers too high or too low, about an inch below the belly button is generally the ideal height.

If you want to wear a turn-up, make sure that they are no larger than 1.5 inches and no shorter than 1 inch. Ideally, you should only wear a turn-up when they are in fashion, otherwise they tend to project a conservative air, – they are associated with an older generation, and so are not appropriate for modern men.

The correct length for a pair of trousers is that they skim the floor when you are not wearing shoes, the only exception to the rule is jeans, but only because they tend to shrink when washed.

Make sure that you do not wear shirts oversized in the sleeve; they should just reach the wrist when you extend your arms to full length, when under a suit sleeves should show by no more than 0.5inches.

When wearing a tie, make sure that you fasten all buttons, without a tie, unbutton no more than the top two buttons – anymore and you risk looking like a 1970’s actor. Incidentally, shirts that have buttons on the collar are informal, and so you should never wear them with a suit.

Shoes are very important, clearly, because they protect your feet, but moreover because they complete an outfit. Without the right pair of shoes, even the most fashionable of outfits can fall way short of the mark.

Keep abreast of mens fashions, and buy shoes that are current and in trend. If you are unsure, ask a friend, or simply look at other people’s shoes.

Never skimp on quality, a decent pair of shoes stands out a mile, but conversely, so do cheap shoes – and not for the right reasons!

You should have at least three pairs of shoes in your wardrobe. Brogues are fantastic as they go with many outfits, both formal and informal, a pair of boots is also essential.

By way of colour, until you are more comfortable in your style, stick to classics like black, or brown, do not experiment at this stage.

Most importantly, shoes must be the same colour or darker than your trousers – a big fashion no-no is to wear shoes in a lighter shade.

Easiest Fashion Tips For Women

One of the hardest things that women have to deal with is fashion or style. One of the biggest problems that women face when it comes to fashion and style is that they feel that they do not have a good sense of fashion. Women who feel this way tend to think that no matter what clothes they pick out they are not going to be in fashion. If you are one of these women there are many easy fashion tips hat you can follow to help stay in fashion.

One of the first things that you need to do is to quit thinking about the word fashion, it does not mean anything to your wardrobe. Instead you want to think of the term style because that will make picking out clothes easier. The reason for this is that fashion is a very intimidating word, but style is not. When people think of style they tend to think of things that are wearable, rather than clothes that look better hanging on a rack than on a person.

Something else to keep in mind is that even if you are going to be sitting around the house you want to make some kind of an effort to get dressed each day. When you go to get dressed for the day you want to put on something a bit more dressier than sweats and a t-shirt, no mater how comfortable you feel in them. When you go to get dressed you want to get dressed as if you were going out for the day because it will help improve your attitude.

One of the most productive things that you can do to help get yourself out of a fashion rut is to clean out your closet. To clean out your closet you want to go through every piece of clothing that you own and get rid of anything that is outdated. You will also want to get rid of any clothes that are tattered, look frumpy or just do not make you feel good about your looks. By getting rid of all of these old clothes you are making room for your new clothes that will help you feel better about yourself.

Perhaps on of the most important things that you need to remember is that you want to treat your wardrobe like an investment. You want to purchase items that are going to last awhile, otherwise known as classic items. You also want to fill your closet with clothing that you cannot live without instead of clothing that you bought because you could not find anything better.

Fashion Tips To Help You Get The Easy Breezy L.A. Style

Los Angeles, California is known as the west coast capital of fashion design. To many, it seems idyllic there. The sun is always shining (even on Christmas morning most years) there are palm trees, beaches, and boardwalks everywhere you look. There are sprawling mansions with swimming pools in Bel Air or the Hollywood Hills, and the people are young, stylish, fit and they all seem to have a year-round tan. So it’s no surprise that a signature style has been coined to go along with this carefree, coastal lifestyle. Listed below, are some quick and easy  style   tips  so you can rock the easy, breezy, L.A. look, whether you’re actually sitting by the beach…or not.

1. Sexy denim all the way. L.A. is the land of the casual, and what’s more casual than jeans? For the casual look, stock up on tight, sexy denim, both dark and light blue, as well as white AND black. Faded or distressed jeans with rips in them work great for casual denim, but don’t overdo it. Keep a nicer, more tailored pair in your closet every once in a while. Also, denim isn’t restricted to just pants. It looks great for vests and shirts too. Just make sure you don’t rock a pair of jeans at the same time as a denim top. That’s a little overboard.

2. Keep it loose and flowy. All around Los Angeles, you’ll see sun-kissed fashionistas wearing, light, cotton, flowing tops. These work well in warm weather, and they are flattering on many shapes and sizes. If you want to show off your midriff, go for a belly-baring top. If you’d rather show off your back, get a longer one with a scoop-neckline. All in all, it doesn’t get much more comfortable than this trend.

3. Hide behind big, dark glasses and hats. Whether it’s been a bad hair day, or just the morning after a long, sleepless night, everyone has days where they just feel like hiding their face from public scrutiny. Luckily, Los Angeles fashionistas have figured out how to hide their faces in style. For days where you want to hide your face, grab a pair of big, dark sunglasses, the darker the tint the better. If you want to stay really incognito, pair your shades with a brimmed fedora. That way, you can face the world with a little bit of privacy, and style all at once!

You may not actually dwell in the city of L.A., but at least these  fashion   tips  will help you get that carefree California girl look you’ve always dreamed of rocking. That way, at least you can pretend you come from the land where the sun always shines.

Designer Fashion Accessories – Summer Style Tips

Summer’s here, and naturally, you have to be equipped with the right designer fashion accessories to feel cool and look hot. We’re talking short shorts, wide-brimmed hats, wayfarers, big bags, sexy sandals, and all that good stuff. Summer’s all about colorful, lightweight fabrics, and with some careful planning, you don’t have to break your bank over designer fashion accessories for your summer wardrobe. By stocking up on those essential summer basics, and getting in on one or two fashion trends but otherwise keeping it simple, you’ll look steamy and sexy when it’s hot outside.

1. Stock Up On Your Basics – We can’t emphasize the important of having plenty of basic tops and bottoms for summer enough, and you can dress them up with designer fashion accessories. Remember, fall is the time to really make a statement with big, bold looks. Stock your wardrobe with shorts in a variety of fabrics (heavy cotton, light and dark denims, linen, khaki), solid-colored tank tops including a couple of black ones, and tee shirts with cool prints. These will serve you well for trips to the beach, lazy brunches, evening BBQs, and everything in between.

2. Get Your Shoes Right – Whereas in the winter it’s all about boots, heavy leather heels, and other (often expensive) designer shoes for women, summer footwear’s a more relaxed and affordable affair. Make sure you stock up on flip flops in various colors, lightweight canvas sneakers, wedge sandals, and barely-there sandals for when you want to look a little dressed up in your cute evening dress.

3. Follow Trends Selectively – When you walk into any store at the start of summer, you’re bombarded with all manner of cute dresses, skirts, belts and hats. If you try to create your summer wardrobe out of them, tempting as it may be, you’ll soon run out of money. Sporting the latest trends all the time is just unsustainable. So, keep it simple, don’t knock yourself out buying every pretty, frilly dress, and get in on just one or two key designer fashion accessories and trends.

4. Cover Up – Believe it or not, summer fashion is not all about sporting your skimpiest designer fashion accessories. Showing too much skin can make you look unbalanced and undefined, and it can also be impractical given the cool breezes that crop up when you least expect it. Make sure you have a few lighter-than-lightweight cardigans to slip on over your dress, and silk scarves to wrap around your shoulders.

5. Stay Cool – Let’s face it, a sweat mustache or a sunburn is never a good look, no matter how sexy your spaghetti strap dress may be. Whenever you go out, make sure your big Ed hardy bags are nicely stocked with SPF sunscreen and lip balm, moist towelettes, body spray, a comb, and extra hair ties and bobby pins to keep your hair up and off your face. When you look cool, your designer fashion accessories will look hot.

Feel Fashionable With These Summer Style Tips

It’s not uncommon for you to feel frustrated when trying to think of what to include in your summer wardrobe – especially your temporary wardrobe when heading on holiday – whilst aiming to remain as fashion conscious as possible.

In the other seasons, autumn and winter in particular, keeping up to date with fashion tends to be a lot easier, as apart from anything else, you can simply throw on a large winter coat and not have to worry about whether the clothes you’re wearing underneath are in fashion or not. Summer, however, is a lot a different and it can cause more than one or two headaches when trying to figure out how look in vogue, whilst also being cool enough in the sun.

Fortunately, summer style in 2010 is both particularly casual and relatively easy to get right with these tips showing you just how to have a fashionista’s wardrobe this summer.

1. Shorts are without doubt the staple of anyone’s summer clothes. This year, make sure that your shorts are as short as they can be, aiming for hot pants or even shorter.

Alternatively, you could go for something with a little higher waist, such as a pair of boy shorts. The whole boyfriend-clothes look is definitely in this year and can be easily changed so that it suits all seasons.

2. If you do decide to go down the boyfriend-clothes look, don’t forget a blazer. They may be too hot to wear during the day, but when the temperatures are cool on a night and you’re sat around the barbecue with your friends, a blazer will not only keep you warm, but make sure that you stay fashionable, too.

3. For women’s clothes for the beach, think about a one strap bikini or if you want to stand out form the crowd, a cutaway monokini. Monokinis with cut out sides or backs have been available for years, but 2010 sees the range broaden massively. They may be a little risque for some and are not particularly suited to those who usually wear larger women’s clothes, requiring somewhat of a svelte figure, but for those who can pull them off they look fantastic.

4. With the popular return of double denim throughout the spring, various other denim fashion styles are returning for the summer. Ripped jeans, for example, are expected to be huge in the coming months, just as big as they were in 2008 and patched jeans are also going to be popular, which can effectively be the redesigning of ripped jeans, if you’re not too keen on that look now, but have some left over from last time they were popular.

5. If you want something a little more formal for the summer, maybe for an evening event, then choose a dress that has a high split. With a split that isn’t right up to the top of your thigh, but only an inch or two off, mixed with a pair of heels, you’ll be sure to turn heads at any summer event you go to over the coming months.

Style Tips – Emotions and Colors in Fashion

Emotions and Colors in Fashion

A lot of people underestimate the power of colors, but psychologists and advertisers have known about the emotional properties of colors for a long time. Just looking at certain colors conjures up emotions, which make them a powerful tool in your style arsenal. Here is a list of common colors, and the emotions that are associated with them:

• Blue – Peaceful, stable, professional, loyal. Not all of these traits are bad for attraction, but having “stable” as the only thing going for you is a bad strategy. Use blue as the backdrop to layer on other colors, or experiment with different shades of blue such as baby blue or turquoise. Blue probably has the most diverse range of shades that can work in your styling.

• Green – Safe, reliable, environmental, calm. Again, these are not bad emotions to have associated with you, but they don’t exactly trigger any Style Attraction Switches either.

• Yellow – Energetic, happy, optimistic, hunger (ever noticed how one of the primary colors of McDonald’s is yellow? This is why). This color has more energy, and can be a good addition to your style arsenal if used sparingly.

• Orange – Cheerful, creative, stimulating, attention grabbing. This is a great color that is overlooked by a lot of guys. Orange is a very powerful color, so don’t overdo it, but incorporating a bit of orange into your outfit can help you stand out and grab people’s attention.

• Red – Warmth, anger, danger, boldness, courage, desire. Red is a very strong color with a lot of powerful emotions associated with it. Recent psychological research has even shown that women find men who are wearing red to be more sexually attractive than those who aren’t, so use that knowledge to incorporate more red into your wardrobe.

• Purple – Power, royalty, nobility, mystery, magic. Purple is a color that has historically been associated with power and nobility. Across cultures, there is something a little mysterious about purple. Adding purple to your outfit can be a very powerful touch. However, don’t overdo it, as purple (especially brighter purples) is also seen as a feminine color.

• Grey – Conservative, serious, dull, peaceful. Grey by itself is one of the most boring colors there is. Don’t overlook it though, because it’s so bland it can be mixed with pretty much any other color in an outfit. Just don’t overdo it, or you yourself will end up looking plain and dull.

• Brown – Confident, casual, earthy, reliable. Brown is a very solid color, that doesn’t get used often enough. Black tends to be overused, so consider mixing up your wardrobe by getting brown shoes, a brown belt, a brown leather jacket, etc. to bring this stable and masculine hue into play. Brown is often a more casual version of black.

• Black – Elegance, power, sophistication, strength. With emotions like these, it’s no wonder that wearing a nice suit is so powerful. Unless you are wearing an all black suit, don’t overuse black though, or you’ll end up looking Goth or gloomy. Mix black up with other colors to break up the darkness and monotony.

That’s just an overview of some of the colors that are out there. Colors are not an exact science, and different people associate different emotions with different colors, but there are usually some commonalities. Colors in the real world are rarely as simple as the primary colors presented here, so just pause and reflect for a moment when you see a colorful piece of clothing in real life, and ask yourself what emotions it conjures up.